Leave the management services to our team for added value and maximum investment return!

Property owners without a management company can only take on so many rentals before they extend themselves too far. Each rental property requires frequent meetings, completion of paperwork, regular maintenance and emergency repair calls several times throughout the year. Homeowners with a full time job commitment may even find one rental property too demanding on both time and energy.

Luckily, homeowners can trust Preferred Property Management for local and experienced solutions to handle every aspect of the rental process. We’re a family owned and operated business focused on acting as a liaison between property owners and tenants to keep your valley properties full every month. Property owners receive a regular report about each home maintained by our staff. We strive to help homeowners expand their rental property list without increasing time and energy expenditures. In fact, many property owners add many new properties to the list without a problem after securing professional management services from our company.

Additional value-adding services include:

Preferred Properties Colorado Investment PropertyConstruction – We offer new development contracting as well as renovations and remodels to Roaring Fork Valley property owners.

Accounting – Preferred Property Management brings certified public accounting to property management! In addition to managing the properties, we can manage your books and numbers as part of our inclusive services. We want to lift as much of the stresses of property ownership from your shoulders as we can, to help your dollars go farther.